Entrust eGrid Viewer for Windows Phone

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DotNetNuzzi – Entrust IdentityGaurd eGrid Card Viewer provides the ability to create and save multiple eGrid Cards on your Windows Phone in support for two factor authentication. For organizations that require two factor authentication and use Entrust IdentityGuard products this application is perfect and the only one on the Windows Phone marketplace.

If you have successfully setup your Entrust Identity Guard account and have your eGrid card provided by Entrust or your organization you can enter your eCard Card Grid into the DotNetNuzzi – Entrust eGrid Card Viewer application for quick viewing when you are authenticating into your network. The application has the ability to store more than one IdentityGuard eGrid card in the event that you have multiple accounts or multiple clients using Entrust products. As an added bonus the application provides quick highlighting of the values keyed in so you can quickly enter in your key code combination.

The DotNetNuzzi – Entrust IdentityGaurd eGrid Card Viewer does not store any other information to your device other than the eGrid card. You are not asked to provide any other data, the application does not communicate with any external services and does pass any data to and from your device that is outside the boundary of the application. The data that is stored to your local phone is only the data you enter in.

Please note:
Entrust, Entrust Identity Guard, the Entrust Logo, the Entrust IdentityGuard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Entrust, Enc.

DotNetNuzzi is not affiliated with Entrust or Entrust Identity Guard Products nor is Entrust affiliated with DotNetNuzzi.


If you are having trouble using the application please send an email to support@dotnetnuzzi.com.