Secret Message Pro for Windows Phone

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With the DotNetNuzzi Secret Message Pro Application you can Post your Secret Messages to Facebook, Send them via SMS, Text, or Email. The Secret Messages can be sent between friends, co-workers, lovers very quickly and easily by using this simple application. The Secret Message Pro Application provides the ability to encrypt text with a secret key (optional salt, iteration count) and just as easily decrypts the text with the same secret key (optional salt, iteration count).

The Secret Message Pro version offers options to configure your encryption level such as 128, 256, a custom “SALT” and iteration count for an even more enhanced security level for your messages. The AES 128 and 256 bit cipher algorithms can be used to secure the message, resulting in very sound communication encryption that helps you keep your private conversations safe from prying eyes.

The Secret Message Pro version is also compatible with the Secret Message version as well.

Decryption Assistant

If you would like to decrpyt an existing message that someone sent to you please click on the following link:



If you are having trouble using the application please send an email to