Cloud Drive Explorer for Windows Phone

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The DotNetNuzzi Cloud Drive Explorer is perfect for exploring your Sky Drive or Sky Drives and locating folders/files that you’re Windows Phone may not show you. Create Folders, Delete Files, Locate Images, View PDF’s and store your Sky Drive files offline for instant access.

The Cloud Drive Explorer has so many features and benefits for managing your Sky Drive that you have to see this for yourself. Once your start using the Cloud Drive Explorer you wonder how you ever used your phone without it. Just the ability to view a PDF in Cloud Drive Explorer or Saving a PDF offline is worth it alone. The Cloud Drive Explorer is a very unique and rare application for the Windows Phone Platform that provides you with complete control of your Sky Drive. You even have the ability to connect to more than one Sky Drive Account and keep all of your files in one offline repository. To put this simple, this application is the best application and one of a kind for managing your Sky Drive on your Windows Phone. Just take a look at some of the features:

    With the Cloud Drive Explorer you can:
  • Create a Root SkyDrive Folder
  • Create a Sky Drive Sub Folder
  • Rename a Sky Drive File
  • Rename a Sky Drive Folder
  • Delete a Sky Drive File
  • Delete a Sky Drive Folder
  • Store Sky Drive Files Offline
  • View PDF Files in your application
  • Zoom in on your Sky Drive PDF files
  • View image files (png, jpg, gif)
  • Connect using various Sky Drive Accounts
  • Navigate thru many directories on the Sky Drive
  • Set permissions on your new Sky Drive Folder
This application is a must have if you use your Sky Drive. Do not wait any longer see what this application can do for you.



If you are having trouble using the application please send an email to