Wait Time for Windows Phone

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DotNetNuzzi Wait Time has been created to provide people with the ability to search for a restaurant nationwide and see the wait time and wait time history. Tired of getting to a restaurant and then having to wait for 45 minutes before you sit to eat, then search for a restaurant with a lesser wait time. Having a business lunch and need a place with great service and no wait then this application is perfect.

How Wait Time Works? Wait Time works by people adding restaurant wait times when they arrive at the restaurant. To help keep the Wait Time information up to date, when you arrive at a restaurant add the current wait time using the Wait Time application. You can simply search for that restaurant and then add in the wait time so others will know. The hope is that by you as well as others adding in wait times everyone will be aware of the wait time before they go to the restaurant. When the time comes for you to go out to eat you can search for a place to eat and then the wait times will show.

How do I add a Wait Time? To add a wait time:
1) Search for your restaurant, type of food, or type of business
2) Click on the Restaurant Details
3) Click on the Add Wait Time Button
4) Add Your Wait Time, Party Size, Time Zone, etc.

That’s it, once you have added the wait time everyone else will see it for that restaurant.

Where does the restaurant list come from?
The restaurants are provided from Yelp’s Services which also includes the ratings and reviews.

Who all is using Wait Time?
Wait time is mobile platform independent and works on multiple mobile platforms.


If you are having trouble using the application please send an email to support@dotnetnuzzi.com.